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help with my dream please

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I had a dream recently, I saw a watch with quite a frayed band similar to one I had bought my Father a few years before his death 14 years ago. This watch had a blk face, the one I bought him had a white face, I could not see the make, but at the 12 midnight position their were  cursive Roman numerals, like maybe IV or I II I'm not sure about that. But what was so striking is He called out my nickname like this

"Bo. 22 15 ,  22 15  Bo. then I awakened trying to figure this one out.  Now, I have some idea about dates, but it could be I'm missing something important, cause I'm completely in the dark about things like this!!! I would appreciate any comments, though this might be unusually stupid!!!!

By the way he had said not long after I bought this watch that he had lost it, now it or one similar, pops up in a dream. Dreams are so strange!

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watch   224   130   247   6125

good luck!

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fell in the past:

talking to dead 729 639(NY Md 639)

father (ILL 146)

3WM book for 'watch'  369 496

KCK book for watch 313 496

Naturally you will play 2215 in the  cash4 game.

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talking to dead- 086

white watch- 487 3139

watch- 237 9604

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MI 964 watch

NJ 274 watch WTG AGF

NY 369 talking to dead ( repeat for NY )

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Thanks to all of you for your responses. Your responses and comments are thoroughly appreciated!


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