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The POETASTER PLUS -Daily Word=1-31-08

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My word for today is ( WRONG):    The night you stayed out, and did not come home.  To lie about how good the food you just ate, knowing that if you told the truth you might hurt someone feelings such as your Mate. (WRONG):  To love someone special without he or she being aware.  If you don't tell them.  Do you really care? (WRONG): To be passed over for the promotion that you surely deserve. To believe that you are perfect, in so many words. (WRONG):  To carry around with you dislike for an individual when they don't even no it. At the same time, they don't even no you exist.  (WRONG):  Not to strive to be as best you can be.  Not to offer a helping hand to that confused child that you may see.   (WRONG):  To pass judgement on anyone, as we were told.  Not to ware a jacket when you know durn well it's cold.  (WRONG):  To sit there and wait for the knowledge you seek.  Not to make use of what we all call feet. ( ps. These words I post are constantly revealed to my mind. (WRONG): To not think that I AM NOT ONE OF A KIND)>     


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