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Is the Lottery rigged ? Read this ...

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I'm not sure anymore... I wonder how much validity this story has .. Please read this and let me know what you think. Thanks What?


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Sounds like something hatched by a struggling tabloid. 

They sould be writing about RNG drawings instead of ballsets then it might have some validity.

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What if it is true and it's happing in just a few states ? Ya never know.

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If people ask their lotteries whether pre and post draw information is available to the public, what security measures are taken to prevent tampering and if drawings can be witnessed by the public then people might have a better idea what's taking place.

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In response to konane

Do you honestly think that if they rigged it, they're going to let anyone know? Maybe the lottery's auditors are in on it... they all get their cut to keep their mouths shut ... or else (Godfather theme plays in the background) lol... 

  In that article, they mentioned that all the numbers played get stored in a computer. Thats a valid point ... so you know they know what numbers(combos) are still not played. Leaves it wide open for tampering. Just my 2 cents.

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I've read enough about ball drop drawings to firmly believe they're as tamper proof as you can get due to security precautions and the way they're handled.  Do some research and you'll probably turn up some enlightening information.

When it comes to RNG drawings then all conspiracy theories hold credence in my opinon due to an astute computer programmer being able to tweak software to produce those un-played or under-played combinations.  RNG drawings are held behind doors closed to the public like a fox guarding the hen house. Then a cartoon of the drawing is broadcast on tv if they do that in states which have RNG's. 

What I can't see and what someone more computer literate than me can mess with to achieve an outcome they desire is what I have absolutely no trust in and don't play.  Period.

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I really have no problems with ball drawings at this point. Right now, I am more concerned with computer drawings. I don't trust them and wish they would get rid of them in my state.

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In Texas, ball machines are used for all games.

However, when you buy a quick pick, it comes from an RNG computer maintained by GTECH.

It's possible that GTECH  is somehow controlling the QPs, but I doubt it.
If GTECH has set limits on specific combinations based on past results, I doubt if anyone knows.

As far as I know, RNG are used for all Quick Picks.
Lottery folks say the RNG doesn't have memory, therefore, it doesn't know what combinations have been issued. That's why some people have gotten the same combination twice on one ticket.

But, in reality, who knows what's going on with the computers.

As for the ball machines, I doubt anyone has ever found a consistent way to manipulate the results. I watch the drawings and I'm convinced they are legitimate.



How State Lottery Jackpot is� rigged (1) was expained first in forums by Matt Marriott in November 2004.

BTW, how long do you think it lasted in Wikipedia before it was censored? (2)

Answer: Six minutes later, Ahoerstemeier, one of the many CIA handles in charge of preventing any of the end time hoaxes (3) from being exposed, censored it.

(1) Lottery for Dummies -� get the picture directly from google results, googling:

MattMarriott State Lottery Jackpot

(2) You can try yourself and see how long the simple truth lasts in Wikipedia, by adding these three lines:

[[Matt Marriott]] in 2004 published a series of articles claiming that the jackpot of all the nationwide lotteries in the US and EU (including Euromillions) are rigged, except for the El Gordo Lottery in Spain. The mechanism would consist in drawings supposed to be broadcasted live on TV but which are in fact the result of assembling a succession of cuts with one of the combinations which nobody picked up. At any moment it takes one second to retrieve from the database any or all such picks.

(3) What are those type of hoaxes? Answer:

Get the picture directly from google results, googling:

Matt Marriott end time hoaxes

In response to Omniscient

That article is designed to get players to SUPPORT COMPUTERIZED drawings, it was that obvious and as such, it needs to be ignored completely.

Always tell the truth.  It will astonish some and gratify the rest.

-Pres. Harry S. Truman, Democrat 

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 If you really believe that stuff, I've got some ocean front property in Arizona I can sell you cheap.

Just another false advertisement.!!

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If you follow the link back to their home page it turns out to be one of those fake news sites where they take real news stories and put their own spin on it like Saturday Night Live and the Daily Show.  They're saying the odds of winning a lotto are hundreds of millions to one is just the first clue they couldn't care less what they make up. Not even worth linking to as a gag story.


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Big Grin Angel



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LOL..This is funny..No its not rigged...But what you see on tv is bull...I got evidence to provide it..Email me..

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