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One Straight for the week..596

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Load your guns on this baby until she shows..I dont care if it shows 179 times this week keep playing this bad mammy Jammer until you see it land...even if it takes one more week..





Thanks for the warning lotterybraker!

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you are most welcome Chouquounette...its only one it straight if you can until you see it land somewhere as 596

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Idaho feb 4th 596 straight..I am glad this little sorry butthead finally showed..its going to be tough to try and track one straight and get the time right..

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In response to lotterybraker

It doesn't matter lotterybraker. We will make up the money with a straight win even if it takes a month. Don't stop the music...............

I love it, keep up the great work!!


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Watch for that to hit in NY SOON..

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GeorgiaCash 3Tue, Feb 5, 20085-9-2


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In response to lotterybraker

Nice work LB....!! 

I hear you, man!  Tracking one number can be tough..... If it falls str8 within a given month, in a specified draw (mid or eve), that's an accomplishment!!  Wink 

Best of luck to you, and keep up the great work that you do!! 

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