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Quick picks

angelm's avatar - anne

I haven't hit much lately on them but I use to all the time

ThatScaryChick's avatar - pI8lWzJ

I don't buy quick picks too often, but the most I've won when I have bought a quick pick is a few dollars. So I picked sometimes.

four4me's avatar - gate1

I only by qpicks for jackpot games not pick 3/4

derek7's avatar - speedykat

I voted "sometimes" only because I won like 2+ dollars in the past. But from some time I just don't buy QPs anymore.

I would rather write my own program to generate "ideal quick picks" (even low/high/odd/even distribution, etc) than buy a QP.


cv844's avatar - Lottery-049.jpg

Sometimes, I won 1080 by qp . I bought 10 qps any order for 50 cents. It cost me 5.00. The number 116 came up and Iput 6.00 on it . Played combo, two tickets. So total cost to win that much was 11.00


I played quick picks for years with an elaborate strategy.

I had it in my head (theorized) that most/many wins were by quick picks from dingy stores in run down low income areas.  Therefore I would go out of my way to play a few tickets from a cross section of these types of stores every day.  I know many others have tried that too (playing in a number of stores)

At best, I came up with a few 2nd prizes.  I now realize that they (along with scatch offs) are nothing but a crapshoot..and there are much beter ways to risk/spend hard earned money. 


all the time...last nite s carolina gave me the 303 straight...

tntea's avatar - Lottery-059.jpg

I have 39 pools.. All of those are qp....

I pick my own pb numbers.. That is how I tell the numbers apart ... and of course records are kept on the tickets that are pools with each pool having a pool number and the players name.

lottocalgal's avatar - Lottery-043.jpg

 I dont play quick picks but my husband does, and he only wins on his quick picks, but still very little-no more than $10 so far.  I actually won $67 on  a fluke QP but as a rule  I dont like them.

Guru101's avatar - rw6jhh

I win on quick picks sometimes, but since I pick my own numbers the majority of the time, it doesn't happen much to begin with.

JackpotWanna's avatar - squiz
In response to Guru101

Same here.  I do better with qps than choosing my numbers.

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I play QP all the time as the numbers for family members birthdays have not been drawn in PB or MM for years. Crying

Haven't won much, but the wins are starting to increase in number as has the $$ that has been won so far.  At this rate, I should be the PB jackpot winner in August 2015.   HAHAHA

ThatScaryChick's avatar - pI8lWzJ
In response to JackpotWanna

So far it's been the opposite with me. I tend to do better with my own numbers. I don't completely rule out buying quick picks though. Somedays I just don't feel like coming up with my own numbers so I get a qp. 

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In response to DownandDirty

I Agree!

justxploring's avatar - villiarna
In response to DownandDirty

Funny, I had the opposite theory.  I always went a little out of my way to go to the crowded stores in the wealthy areas since I would see people buying 10 and 20 tickets at a time.  So I figured more were being sold, increasing my chances.  But I agree it's a crapshoot and we never know when or where that lucky ticket will be printed.  Since I won a little last night, I bought a couple of QPs tonight and got nothing.  From now on, I think I'll stick to my budget and just play the cards I walk in with.

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