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NC Lottery Draw Times

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I would prefer they move the draw times earlier. The survey on their page mentioned a 3pm drawing. I think that would suck!!! I'd rather have the draw during lunchtime.

What do you think?

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totally agree!!! but nc cares about more selling that pleasing, but that is their way of running their business. nc figures they could have more sales up until 3 than around 1

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i was thinking the same thing!!!!


Noon or 1pm would work for me as well.



 What is this 100Million dollar stchik I see, it just popped up all of a sudden on the website...sorry to get off track though




Noon or 1pm would work for me as well.

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money up

I am in agreement with you guys lets go earily.   I also want to know about that 100 million dollar, JettaMan when you find out drop me a line or two   .

Money up!

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