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Raffle Idea

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Here is a raffle idea I am sure MI will never use-

Bump the $20 tickets up to $30 one time per year and give all the extra money away as 240 $25,000 prizes.  Maybe X-Mas or 4 July? 

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In response to Think

You're correct.  It will never happen.  Not in any state.  Lotteries are in existence to make profits.  No profit in giving away all the player's money back to the players.

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In response to Badger

Actually it might be an excellent form of profit.  If they were able to increase the sales of that specific game by over 100% what does the state care that the extra $10 went back to the palyer.  They keep the profits on the extra sales. 

But finding someone at the lottery that thinks that way -  impossible.

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In response to bashley572

My understanding of the suggestion was that all the money played (which would include the profit) be returned as prizes to the players.  Therefore, it would never happen.

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What the proposal is talking about is a $6,000,000 payout. Just to cover the payout costs would entail printing and selling an additional 600,000 game tickets. If the raffle operator wanted to keep the payout percentage to the usual 50%, double that. Most raffle offerings simply aren't that large in order to enable the sale of all availablle raffle tickets in the shortest time possible.

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