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Looking to force screen updating in Excel

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When I'm running code, if I switch to some other task (surfing, writing, whatever), sometimes excel will turn off screen updating (that's where you can see the macro progress as it changes cell contents). That means that the spreadsheet is "frozen" until the macro completes.

I don't see in any of the menu options where it can be "forced" on. Maybe I missed it? I have even set up a loop to periodically set screen updating equal to TRUE, but this has not helped. 

Anyone else run into this? I want to be able to peep in on the progress, as it runs.

(Yes, I know it runs faster with screen updating = FALSE.)

(Maybe this should be called the Math & Coding ForumCool

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So far, I'm finding that the scroll command sometimes breaks this up... still working on it.


I hope someone provides an answer to this question.  I, too, run VBA and my screen freezes.  I can surf the net, play solitaire, ect., but I cannot return to my Excel spreadsheet to check on the progress of my program. 

Currently the only way I know to exit a running VBA program is to hit the ESC button.  But that halts all execution and returns to the beginning.   I have tried SCREENUPDATE = TRUE but that did not work.

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