Texas Pick 3 10/9-10/14

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Happy Colombus Day Week All! DrumLet's get this thread started early and have fun winning a little money too$$Hurray! Feel free to post here for Tx.Dance Good Luck All$$$$

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Thank You Genny,Happy C Day to you and Ditto$$$$$$$$$$$$All Week Long

Texas Famous Week in History Oct 1997

333 302 782 888 900 868

Texas Annv TRiples of the Week{000 111 222 333 444 555 777}

Texas Hot Doubles of the WeekPumpkin

696 700 600 288 991 886 220 424 118 055 414 818 556 338White Bounce

Texas Keypads of the WeekPumpkin
784 452 365 723 528 873 785 914 698 815 952White Bounce

TExas Cent Plays of the WeekPumpkin
054 041 074 073 075 043 094 059 052 White Bounce

Ghostly Play of the weekWhite Bounce
999White Bounce

Texas Spotlight Plays of the WeekDupe Alert
952 784 333 555 055 298 527 054 123 988 732 073

Choice Play of the Week{815}

Reminders don't forget the 333,flip those 6's and 9's and Compare with all Teamates,The Best of luck to Everyone,Check Back with you at the end of the Week,your Teamate Delores247Pumpkin

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Ty Genny and Delores, good luck Monday

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Thank you Delores and CV.Big Smile Thanks all who posted. This is the chart for now, If need be I can always do an update if there is large increase. For now Our chart for Monday:

Tier 4

Tier 3
000(000,000) 111(111,111) 222(222,222) 118(118,811) 999(999,999) 977(779,977) 974(749,974) 112(112,112) 180(018,180) 292(229,292)

Tier 2
782(278) 888(888) 900(009) 868(688) 555(555) 777(777) 696(669) 700(007) 600(006) 288(288) 220(022) 818(188) 556(556) 338(338) 452(452) 698(689) 952(952) 043(034) 052(025) 527(527) 988(889) 031(031) 980(980) 981(981) 029(029) 115(115) 921(921) 457(457) 323(323) 127(127) 678(678) 168(186)

Compare with your workout and others, pairs, key#,cold  and qp. Good Luck for Monday$$$



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I'm new to the group and am I glad to have found "ya'll".  I'm in Texas and have been desperately looking for some help with my Pick 3 selections.  A brief explanation please on how the Tier's work????  Thanks. 

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In response to Briel

Hi Briel, Welcome to lottery PostBig Smile

Under resources, there is several tools to use. One is the deflation. We plug in numbers from workout, past history, and predictions. The number on the tier tell how many times that workout is shown.

For example tier3 900(009,009)

900 is showing up three times, it could be three different ways or a few alike. The Tier tells how many times a number is showing up and the numbers next to it show the different ways it was presented. The chart might not always have the winning number but more than likely will have the winning pairs in it several times. This is a chart to compare your work out with all others in Tx and try and come up with a winning number. Good Luck$

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Thanks for the input...I'm anxious to get started!

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I agree texas #s are tricky. verrry tricky. I've been noticing a correlation between the pre-picks and # drawn esp  2 days before draw in the # 2 position. Check it out.  Because tx is tricky, we need all the help we can get. I wish we'd get more texan posts    Coffee  If you go to the texas lotto home page click cash3, when on the page at the bottom you will see pretest #s just click on those. Normally they do it just before  the drawing but on some days your'll see it posted hours before the drawingHyper


333 came out in the pretest yesterday mspennie? you think its possible to show mondayType

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usually it off by one in the 2nd position. usually plus 1, sometimes minus one. I've just started noticing this. Has anyone been following this more closely?Coffee

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United, I am not sure if 333 will come or not, but I can't take a chance of not playing it!!! Even if I play it fifty cents, it won't be a complete loss!!! Good luck!!

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In response to kkkathleen

I Agree! KKKathleen others have pointed out that same observation in PM to me. You all are on to something. Let's get them on Monday$$$

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Below is copy of pretest two draws back. Let's see what happens midday:


10/6/2006  Test# 1  D*  A38*  A29*  A32*  E  A35  A37  A31  2  2  3 
Test# 2  D*  A38*  A29*  A32*  E  A35  A37  A31  3  9  2 
Test# 3  D*  A38*  A29*  A32*  E  A35  A37  A31  9  8  0 
Test# 4  D*  A38*  A29*  A32*  E  A35  A37  A31  8  7  2
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Let's hope so. Delores said 302 in history.I'm going for it!Hyper



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Very Nice Delores!WtgPartyPartyCongrats to all who won!!! Good Luck All for tonight$$$ Now let's get paid!!!

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In response to Ms5PennieGen

Thanks Genny,Ditto,Let's Get Paid Tonight!

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JUst got back from the Market,Here is my qps for eve
Goodluck Everyone!

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Thanks Delores for your qp. I really like your 879 and 980. My qp is 993. I am playing 984

for tonight. Good Luck$$$$

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Hi Genny,Thanks for your Number,it makes me want to play the 409,While sitting here listening to some of my favorite singers,Micheal Peterson,Steve Azar,and Rascal Flatts,i see code numbers in their music that is hot for Texas Too   405 and 924 but i still refuse to give up the 333
I Tell you Genny ,it's like the song say Texas Pick 3 makes you want to Drink Swear Steal and LIe,Just Kidding! Goodluck Genny Hope you Win$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Green laugh



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Let's take it on to the Bank$$$$ Let's all get paid tonight PartyPartyParty

Pre-test numbers from 10/5/2006 thru 10/13/2006

10/13/2006  Test# 1  D*  A37*  A30*  A32*  E  A35  A33  A29  5  1  8 
Test# 2  D*  A37*  A30*  A32*  E  A35  A33  A29  3  3  6 
Test# 3  D*  A37*  A30*  A32*  E  A35  A33  A29  4  7  8 
Test# 4  D*  A37*  A30*  A32*  E  A35  A33  A29  4  5  6 

NO 0,2,OR 9  =936

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 Hello Texas  friends  please accept the below numbers below from a friend in Hotlanta GA

If you play multi-states these are good for IL. also 


884,448,848,947 443,or 207 tx and il

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In response to timetowin

Hello,my Friend,Your Friends are our Friends,You and your fRiends are always Welcome to Post Here ,You are Part of the Team,Miss You,Your friend and Teamate Delores247Group Hug

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good luck

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In response to timetowin

Texas eve (479)
WTG To your Friend Timetowin,good Job

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Wtg Timetowin!!!PartyThanks for posting.

Congrats to all who won!!!

Good Luck all for Sat$$$

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Wtg timetowin, nice job Party

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Wtg Delores!! Nice JobPartyParty

Good luck for Sat!!!

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