hitting redbirds

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does anyone know what it means to hit a redbird with your car? My husband and I both hit a redbird on the same day this week. That has to mean something.What?

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well, I have never hit one before (nor my husband)so both of us on the same day is pretty strange.

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what happened to pacattack's reply?

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uummmmmmmmm.... okay. where'd ya go pac?


317    125

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165  369    don't do it again  lol

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  I saw two beautiful  redbirds playing tag in front of the building where I work I always thought that was a good omen.  Does it mean the Cardinals are going to lose the game or you guys are just really fast and dangerous drivers?

Red-  01

Bird- 13  unlucky for the bird

Dead-  09

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no, I slowed down. I saw it sitting on the side of the road and usually they wont take off into flight right in front of the car. but this time it did.

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518 came out last night in tn, thanks AGF310Big Smile you really know your stuff.


i don;t know of any numbers but i've heard that when a bird hits a car it's a sign of death

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whoops! my husband told me 518 did come out. but I just checked the board and it was 117Shocked so maybe 518 for tonight?

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I've heard that too pt. But maybe it's a good kind of death. we are getting ready to move to a bigger home (my childhood home). Maybe it is a death of a long and lonely chapter in my family's life.

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buzzsawann, it didnt kill the bird. I went back to check. No dead bird. But the one my hubby hit the same day wasn't so lucky.

thanks everyone for your numbers.Big Smile

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