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I wonder if anybody can enlighten me...... curious as to the claim made by these people !!

Sorry... just to introduce myself and give some details... i'm in the UK and as from this coming Monday 8 May 2006; a NEW online lottery will begin which is basically going to be in competition with the MAIN UK National Lottery 6/49 game run by Camelot Group.

This new online lottery - known as "Monday - The Charities Lottery" (*see bottom of post) has a MAX lottery win of £200 000 per lottery game.

It is also a 6/49 number game. Because of the stranglehold by the Camelot on the UK National Lottery these people (Monday's) were only allowed to offer a top prize of £200 000. To top this up they will be holding 5 Lottery Draws in one day (being the Monday - hence the name).

Also,  each lottery will entail 2 drawings. The first will have a top tier prize of £100 000. If no one wins that then it rolls over to the 2nd draw making the top tier prize of £200 000.  So....... essentially there are 10 game draws . 

Finally, they say should no one match the EXACT 6/49 numbers then those with tickets matching "CLOSEST" to the winning numbers will win the top tier prize in a particular game (as there are no roll overs / carry overs to the other 4 lottery games).

Now... my question. I've tried to get an answer direct from these organizers BUT ....... zippo !!!! ????

They CLAIM you have a 27 times better chance of winning on this lottery game THAN playing the normal Camelot National 6/49 game which has the normal expectancy odds of 1: 13 mill.

SO...... how do they come to that statement of "27 times better chance" ??

I'm intrigued...... or are they pulling the wool over our eyes ?

Anybody ?









i was looking at Monday's website in their FAQ section.

Came across this:

What are the odds of winning the jackpot?
You’ve got a 27 times better chance of winning a jackpot with monday than of winning the National Lottery jackpot.
The odds of winning the National Lottery jackpot are 1 in 13,983,816 million. The odds of winning a jackpot with monday are 1 in 501,000.

So... anybody.... pse.. how they get that odds ?

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Site is a bit confusing to me, with no explanation on how one has 27 chances to win on one ticket. Probably having to do with the "nearest number" - the immediate number above or below any number on your ticket if the other five numbers jibe - 13 possibilities here - then two drawings. Maybe should read "up to 27 chances.....", as less than 13 possibilities would exist in the case of having 1 or 49 - or any consecutives - on your ticket. It'd be interesting to see the draws and the winning ticket numbers - if published.



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