look what's coming

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NaughtyEm can you please explain?

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I think I remember

It goes something like at exactly 12midnight it will be 12:01:02:03 on the 04th of the 05th month 06 meaning it will be a sequence and from so you should look out for sequence balls to hit.

Like 012,123,234,345,456,567,789,890.


I saw a post like this last month don't recall from who but I think this is what they were saying and by george it did happen, Ill got 678 and 978 around that time.

Correct me if I'm wrong emilyg just trying 2 get the idea out til you got a chance to answer correctly.



LoveThank you...... I agree series have been threatening to come to GA

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                     : 01  :02  :03    04/05/06

the clock and date 

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S.Carolina 3200=02/03

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