"Please, Pray For My Son"

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As most of you know, my son is still in Iraq.  I just left the chat room with Dezmond.  That has been the best thing for me, since he has been away. 

He informed me today that his unit was moving to a place called *****, on *****.  There, he and the entire unit will be driving fuel trucks.  I am trying so hard not to think about myself and the circumstances surrounding the war.  I've learned not to watch the news are read the head-lines on-line when I log on.  It was different and heart breaking for me today to hear that the Soldiers were gonna be driving those fuel trucks, even though I know that many have did it, it still breaks my heart to know the element of danger. 

The only encouragement that I could offer to him was that I would continue to pray for him and all that were at war.  I told him that maybe God was moving him to a new destination to touch more lives.  I told him that maybe it was about where God wanted him, and not where he wanted himself.  He and the other Soldiers, made many friends in their current location. 

As most of us know, that is one of the greatest elements of danger over there because of the road-side bombings and they do still occur, not as bad as the beginning of the war, still they happen.  I am asking that all of you would please pray for the lot of service members from America that are still at war.  I pray this would end soon.  I never knew you could miss someone so very much. 

Forgive me if I sound selfish and I won't make excuses for my selfish ways, because I have none.  I am aware that I am not the only mother with a son there.  There are brothers, mothers, fathers, sisters, best friends and so on, over there fighting and everyone one wants there loved ones home.  Just like the journalist that SandyK, wrote about.  It moved me to no ends. 

It has been most difficult mainly on Sundays for us because we always have Sunday Dinner in our home with close friends and family at the table, and every Sunday, Dezmond's seat is empty. 

Coming here to the "Lottery Post" has been a real high-light for me.  Dezmond's always saying, "Ma, go to the Lottery Post, you'll feel better.  Sometimes when I get excited here, my heart fills with such laughter that I cannot contain it and I laugh out loud, very loud.  I have met some of the best people that will probably ever touch my life right here!  I am blessed to be able to come here and be a part of something bigger than myself. 

I am blessed to be the mother of a Soldier.  I can't tell you all my blessing, for I fear, this post would not contain them.  I do know that our service members do need our prayers.

Last night when we were leaving the dance studio, my grand-girl looked up and said, "Look Gran, that man got on my daddy's uniform!"  I looked up and tears just rolled down my jolly cheeks!  The soldier looked right at us and walked towards us.  "Mam, are you ok?"  He asked.  I looked at him and I said, "I'm good how are you soldier?"  "I just got back from Iraq 2 days ago, and I'm going to realax."  he said.  He then picked up my grand-girl and said, "So, your daddy has a uniform like this one, does he?"  She then laid her head upon the soldiers chest and began to sob.  The soldier replied to her, "You know your daddy will be home soon and then he can pick you up like I just did!"  She quickly raised up her head with a big crocodile-tear and said, "No, he won't, he won't hold me like a baby, he's gonna give me a piggy back ride like a big girl!"  We laughed very hard and loud, and then she began to laugh.  I told the soldier how it appears that Soldiers are not just Soldiers in my life, but they are Angels before they are Soldiers. 

Please pray for our troops! 



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Our Prays are with you and all of our soldiers and their families. May God keep them safe and bring them all home to their loved ones.


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Dear heavenly Father , please watch over Ducks son , keep him and all of our soldiers safe. Thank you, Lord. Amen.

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My thoughts and prayers are with you, your family, your son and the other soldiers.

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Dear heavenly Father , please watch over Ducks son , keep him and all of our soldiers safe. Thank you, Lord. Amen.

when two touch and agree it shall be done!


my prayers are with you.

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I'll keep your son and your family in my prayers.

God bless you.

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Dear heavenly Father , please watch over Ducks son , keep him and all of our soldiers safe. Thank you, Lord. Amen.

when two touch and agree it shall be done!


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 God Bless your son during this time-my prayers are with you both(our children are special gifts)

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Be as selfish as you want Ducks, you have every right to be. If put in your shoes, I would go before I would let my kids go. Fortunately, they are too young now, but tomorrow is closer than I care for it to be.


Do what you have to do Dezmond but be safe. Mom needs you back and like her, I'm proud and appreciative of your sacrifice, although we may never meet face to face for a personal "thanks." You and the rest of the crew in Iraq have my full support, always.

You both are in my prayers,



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God bless you and your son.  You are both one-of-a-kind.

I can't imagine the pride you must feel that your son is among this country's most patriotic, and is protecting every one of us with his service.

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My prayers are with you.

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I will.

That was a touching post. The safety of our troops, our citizens and all peace-loving citizens of this world should be foremost in our minds during these troubled times. The evil and violence that is being propagated and perpetuated in this world by all guilty parties must be stopped by the rational minds of 98% of the world population who don't agree with their agendas.

May your son be safe and give his daughter and you a big hug in the near future.

Thumbs Up

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Dear heavenly Father , please watch over Ducks son , keep him and all of our soldiers safe. Thank you, Lord. Amen.

when two touch and agree it shall be done!


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I almost went to war at least at 3 different times when I was in the U.S. Army.

I was in the Army for very many years, no I didn't retired from it.

I was on Germany for at least 5 years not all of them years at one time, maybe 6 years or 7, I can't remember, I was also stationed here on the U.S. several times, here on Texas, (Fort Sam Houston, Fort Hood and at Fort Bliss or whatever the name is I can't remember) ) and also spent a little more than 5 years on Des Moines, Ia, I was also stationed for a short time on Lousiana, Georgia and New Jersey.

It was no picknic being in the U.S. Army for so very many years.

Now-days I hate war (I didn't back on those days), God was looking over me all of the time that I was in the service.

May HE be as gracious and as loving with your son Dezmond and with all the other soldiers that are out there now and that will be there later as HE was with me.

Bless the LORD.

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