New York Pick 3 History?

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Does anyone have a complete history of Pick 3 drawings for New York that they would be willing to share?  The NY lotto web site only goes back 5 years.  They mention on their site that a complete list of past winning numbers can be obtained for 25 cents per page!!! - this could easily be 200 pages or more which would still need to be scanned in order to plug it into excel.

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The Ny Midday pick 3 game might go back to 12/02/01 (697)

And the Evening game to maybe about 09/03/80 (905), if there are draws older than this one, then I don't have them.

As I have them at the moment  up to about 03/04/06 they are not in the proper format, I think that I can "FIX" them with some work, but maybe Winsum or others might already have them in a "Ready" form that you can use, if not send to me a P.M. with your email address and as soon as I get them ready I will send them to you (The draws), but to save me work, I won't start to "FIX" them untill after you send to me you email address.

But I don't see of what use they can be, it seems to me that from 1500 to 3000 draws should be more than enough for just about any kind of system.

Because of so many "Mechanical" changes and or manipulations perhaps very old draws might be of no more use than some kind of RNG draws, but I might be wrong.

How old do draws have to be before they are too old to be of much use, or no better than RNG draws or any kind of draws?

As people talk of "Mirror" states, that and other things shows that "Relationships" are all relative, that is, any kind of draws from any source can be just as good as the particular state's draws if one finds some kind of relation(s) between those draws and the next winning number(s).

Statistics will show what is of use and what is of no use, but for relationships to be of some kind of use they have to be constant at least over a certain number of draws or period of time (Maybe).

As things change or appear to change, maybe relatioships should be re-evaluated.

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Thanks Lantern - I think someone is going to send me an excel file soon though. I'm trying to build entire histories for each states Pick's for a historical analysis of sorts and also state to state comparisons on many different aspects of the game.

I believe all draws are relevant, even those out past 3000 games - as there is always a fairly constant percentage of numbers that are not drawn within that time period. For me, trials are everything because that is what probability is based upon. About the only time I use statistics is to demonstrate and verify the true probabilities.

I used to always wonder if ball sets, machine rotation, or even the replacing of the machines themselves really mattered much. I'm sure in some cases it does (like particular digits truly being biased over others) but over the long run all of those things seem to be proving irrelevant...

You can take a quarter of your pocket and flip it 7 times in a row on heads, then after stopping to go to the store to buy a lottery ticket, come back and flip a new quarter. Its chances of landing on heads are just the same as that of the old quarter, even though it is being used as the 8th trial. Though there are some who may see that differently, the same scenario is often played out in Pick 3.

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That is very good. Yes, all draws are relevant in some way, but to me the newest are the most relevant, most of all the last draw, the farther away that they move from the last draw the less important that they are to me, but I also have some use for all of them with the proper statistical programs.

Good luck.


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There are 3 ways in which to see the pick 3 game:

Single digit numbers. 3xx

Double digit numbers. 86x

Triple digit numbers. 925

We should study them in their 3 ways.

It is of course possible to get the winning number working with just 1 of the above.

I have mostly worked with Triple digit numbers (The whole pick 3 number), but sort of combining all 3 ways in-to it in several ways.



I have been looking for information like this with no luck. Could you send me new york pick 3 and win 4 from 1980. Thanks

my email address is

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I just sent the draws to that AOL address that you posted.

They are updated only to about 03/04/06 and they are for the MID and EVE, NY, Pick 3 and pick 4 games.

You have to finish updating them yourself.

They go from oldest draw up on top at the beginning to newest draw way down.

To invert them (If you need to) you can use a Ion Saliu's program which is at his site called UpDown or something like that, he has 2 DOS programs on his site that should do the job (Either of them),

Good luck.

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