Pick3 Digit Position Predictions

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This is just an experiment and it probably won't work very often. I know it's impossible, but trying to predict digit positions is a hobby of mine. 

Any digits listed beneath the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd position, should NOT FALL in that respective position.                             


 MI Evening (4/27 only)          1st                2nd            3rd

                                                                3,7                     6,9


So looking at the above example, there should be no combinations with a 3 or 7 in the second position, such as 136 and 275. Similarly, there should be no combinations with a 6 or 9 in the third position, such as 456 and 369.

MO Evening (4/27 only)           1st                2nd           3rd

                                                5                             0                      4



GA Evening (4/27 only)            1st                2nd           3rd

                                                2,6                          7

IL  Evening (4/27 only)            1st                2nd           3rd

                                5                            1                      7,9

KY Evening (4/27 only)            1st                2nd           3rd

                                                3,7                          2                      0.9

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So I guess Florida's 199 got you too?

I just can't believe these numbers.

I am ready to give up.

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MO evening 4/27 was 791       no 5,0,4    very good


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Thanks Best Picks! I guess 1 state out of 5 isn't bad, but for obvious reasons, I wouldn't advise using my "Pick3 Digit Position Predictions".  Smile

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I haven't really studied the Pick3 in Florida, but it appears that if you include a 1 or an 8 in your combinations, you'll be alright.

Good Luck! Thumbs Up

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