Play in these states.....

 ca, fl, ga, ill, sc, nj,
ny, misso, tn, pa, maryland
indy, michigan


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Nice to see you again! Now that you are back and in action, I have a question to ask of you, and I know in the past you and I have had words, however I said I could put it behind me and move on and I have!


Recently I have discovered that by using the method add 12 minus 12 that you showed to us many months ago, that if I reversed the last 2 digits of the draw and then did the add 12 minus 12 method that it produced more hits. Well Ricky was kind enough to make us a program that did exactly that......... reverses the last 2 digits and does the workout including a wheeling section that you can view in this thread


Now what I wanted to ask you is in order to have a recognizable name for the system, I wanted to name it and what we came up with was ClearCash87


Clear for clear seeing or clairvoyance and Cash87 for yourself! I thought it only right that the system have that name because it was your original idea and my discovery of reversing the last 2 digits of the last draw!


So again I am asking if it is OK with you to name the program ClearCash87? Because it really should have a name to be recognized by.


Thanks, I await your reply!
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Hmmm.....530 isn't a double?   :)

So is it 550, 330 or ?

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Cashman, You disappeared again? Where are you?

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Thank You! Love the 332

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