Florida Longest Outs

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Just a little Florida F.Y.I.

Since its inception on 4-29-88, Florida has held 6,562 Cash 3 drawings.  In that time the straight number 494 has never been drawn!

Three other long out straights are:

804, out 6561 games
218, out 6456 games
517, out 5768 games


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I have been researching this too... and I could not believe what I have discovered yesterday...

Florida has something up its sleeve.....

I have not seen 555,  last draw on 12/2002

I have not seen 942, last draw on 11/2001 (not  a box)


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what are your hot numbers for this week?


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I dont really predict or even play Florida, so I don't have any hot ones for you at the moment, sorry - I just track the numbers.

When you compare all 1000 combos in Florida (or its cycle) to other states, they are all similar.  Even though there are a few more numbers out past 3000 games in Florida, its really nothing out of the ordinary. 

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