A "Lottery Winner's Education" Section


This is a suggestion that probably needs input from all LP members to get Todd to add a "Lottery Winners Education" Section

But since this is the largest internetmembership gathering of lottery players, I personally think a lot of good and value will be added to membership if we had a section on this site that listed educational steps lottery winners should take in the event they won.  The section could have drop down boxes/steps for legal, taxes, financial advisors, relationships, just down right practical educational things someone who comes into sudden wealth from winning a jackpot could learn from. 

I don't know how Todd would do it, but I promise you if I ever win a large jackpot, I'd contribute a nice sum to educate lottery players through this site.

Please give your feedback! 

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I Agree!

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Right on!

What comes around goes around!

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That is an interesting idea, and I will definitely keep it in mind.  I'll also move this to the Suggestions forum so I can keep track of it.  Sometimes when I get a spare moment I go through the topics in the Suggestions forum and bang out one of the things mentioned there.


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<Moved to Suggestions forum>

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There are a couple of books out there pertaining to what you're talking about. I don't know the titles but I have come across them on internet searches related to the lottery.

I think one of them was something like "So You Won the Lottery...Now What?"


Rule #1 after winning the jackpot is: choose LUMP SUM. Of course, I live in a state where you have to make the cash/annuity choice when you play.

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