My son's result

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My son result came in and Doctor say the result is fine the sugar is 5 but he is requesting that he visit the Doctor every year on his birthday.Thanks to all who have prayed for us prayers can really move mountains.The doctor said also that he needs to keep away from sweets,starchy food etc.

Thanks again everyone

  From Chevelle and Family.

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excellent.  Lovies

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Thank God....

Thanks for keeping us updated..

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Happy to know he is ok, chevelle.....& yes, God answers prayers.  Best wishes to you & family!

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Glad to know he's fine. Prayer is poweful!

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Glad to know he's fine. Prayer is poweful!

Amen. Glad he is ok.

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hoooorrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay he's fine.


Praise the Lord!

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wonderful news.



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Hello Chevelle !

    Happy to hear that your son is well' great news. Remember that God is our healer.

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That's good news!God Bless!

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