V-Trac 5555

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Indiana4-3-6 4-4-4-9 
V-Trac 5555 for Midday
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where is 9999 gonna fall???  some place soon!!

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where is 9999 gonna fall???  some place soon!!




Kentucky just had quad V-Trac 2222 fall on thursday
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I got a box on the 4449 had it straight but afraid to play it that way, smile.

I am now wating on 7778.

Been researching the trips in cash 4, I should have posted but not that confident in my ability yet, it had been out since august 05.

I will post what I find this weekend.

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I caught the trips in RI tonight..cost me $5.00 running

999X and 666X using the vtracs .....

Rhode Island6-6-6-9


tntea do you have anything good for va tonight

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tntea do you have anything good for va tonight

No nothing other than what I ran through the states in pick 4 and pick 3...

I have 0679 and 5677 ran through the states.. and 070 st/box through the states and  195 through the early games.. going to run it through the late stuff too... (No cigar for  195 for early stuff)

I am working on something a little different with pick4 along the same lines in which I am hitting the pick 3.. My goal was to hit pick 3 st.. and then carry the method over to pick 4.. It takes a lot of concentration, to narrow picks down to an affordable amount with pick 4.. I have posted one for  Massachusetts

So let's see how it goes..

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