not once but twice inches from jackpot!

LOTTOMIKEIowa 4 of 5  05-14-18-23-27   


LOTTOMIKEMinnesota 4 of 5 04-15-18-23-26  09-15-18-23-26


these are from the pick 5 on the prediction board today......

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you gonna hit that thing very soon lottomike..


thanks lotterybraker.since the beginning of the year i've had 4 out of 5 at least 50 or 60 times so i figure by the end of this year i ought to get it.if not by the end of this year then by the end of 2007,lol.....

lotterybraker's avatar - pyramid fact any year would be nice..but I think you are very it may not be much longer..

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WTG LOTTOMIKE!!! You're going to hit that one of these days.

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Wink Still hot...


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congrats lottomike.... I'm excited for you BananaBananaBananaBanana

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Nice going! Smile

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Great Job LottoMike,

I vote you win before the end of 2006.

Are you using your own personal system, hunches, intuition, prayers, all the above?



LA - John

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Wow! Congratulations, LOTTOMIKE!!!!! Cheers


thanks everyone!

i've been trying to hit the 5 out of 5 since the beginning of will take some time but i definitely think it can be done!


What kind of wheel are you using?


goodyear i think......


Well done!! You deserve to hit the big one.

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