creating a state lottery


if you were to create a state lottery what all games would you have?
would you have powerball,mega millions or neither?
would you have a rolling pick 5 or a fixed amount jackpot?
would you offer anonymity to jackpot winners?

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Pick 4, Pick 4,  5/30 with a decent jackpot fixed jackpot and aggregate prizes for 4 and 3 out of 5, and a 6/49 or less game with decent prizes for 4 and 5 out of 6 too.

Maybe also somesthing like California's Daily Derby.

Some scratchers, no Powerball or Mega Millions. 

I'd have prizes on the scrathcers like tickets to sporting events, along with the reguar cash prizes. 

Anonymity for jackpot winners, definitely.  


mine would have both a pick 3 and pick 4.....
it would have a 5/30 matrix pick 5 game.....
it would have a state lotto with a decent matrix and huge jackpots....
no powerball or mega millions.....
anonymous status for any jackpot winner who requested it.....
have scratch offs with good odds.....
all games would be ball drawn.....
all draws would be televised.....

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KENO !! (yes, I know I keep saying that)Hiding Behind Computer


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Except for Lot'O Play, Ohio has the perfect set-up.  Ohio is big enough to have the players to support their games, smaller states wouldn't be able to do the same.

pick 3 game
pick 4 game
pick 5 game 5/39 starting at $100K and rolling until hit.
Lot'O Play 5/100 *(Super Lotto was a better game - I would have rather seen the starting jackpot lowered than it being replaced - I think some form of this game with be back)
MegaMillions 5/56+1/46 - Ohioans like to play and win this mega jackpot game



MM or PB, a classic lotto with at least a 50% payout, having 60 days after claiming to choose cash, all scratch tickets lump sum or with a cash option. And all games ball drawn (except for Quick Draw).

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