watch these......all state

timetowin's avatar - paladin Nikroan.png

352  483 216  912 354  151 

 with special attention to tx ga il

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Thank you timetowin.  Long time no see!

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You are welcome Jorli D, got a promotion at work, and was busy crunching numbers there!!!!

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Congratulations on your promotionCheers

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like the 354 and 151-Thanks!

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Hi Timetowin what a joy to see you posting and being back at Lp doing your Thing!BananaPartyThank you and WELCOMe Back,My Friend

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Thumbs Up  congrats!!!!!!

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You are welcome Angelm.  Delores247 my friend thank you for your warm thoughts- lets win some money for summer vacation.  I will be going to Vegas for four nights at the end of May, need big bucks.

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Okay Timetowin and everyone Here are the Series Numbers for this Week for your on-line playing,Dupe Alert


Remember sometimes the Number can come in mirro form or a relative mate may sneak in. Here are your Mirros and MatesLurking

MirrosDupe Alert


MatesDupe Alert


GA Players in addition to this information This is your Annv Month,So Review your Annv Chart for April 1994 in the Ga ARchives,Ga is also The Talk SOupCoffee FAvorite STATe of the Month,THis StATE has Been Awarded The SoupCoffee SalutePatriotThis information is good for all States even the Ga Chart is Universal,Goodluck Everyone from Your TALK CoffeeSOUP INFORMATION THREAD,Giving All States A MINUte IN THe NEWsType


thanks timetowin!


the 352 looks good...

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