nite time pic 3 numbers

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I have a 4 number lock for the nite time pic 3..all straight

777, 766,776,767


Now..if you will look at the Midday drawing for Pennsylvania for Saturday 766 came this combination rotates to the nite time draw then 766 will come out of that group of 4..just something to think about..and of course..there is that 25% chance the tripple could come out also..I would say give it a couple of weeks..but first digit 7 is a very good number so it probably will not take 2 weeks..but we are dealing with numbers that rotate on some of you put it..whats hot now may not be hot next anyway..I hope they help someone..good luck

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Washington D.C. Tuesday evening 766


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I think the lottery draw beat your thread post time...unless you had already played these numbers prior to posting.


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I posted them 4 numbers April 15th..which was Saturday.766 just came out tonight..

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