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Yours is fine.. it only moves after a reply of mine since the Easter basket has been put in signature line.. if I can get it out of signature line.. all posts should be fine.. Maybe Todd can help me..

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this post looks fine T -  Lets's see if this reply moves things again!

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Hey, maybe a "higher authority" is telling you to go back to your old Avatar!  LOL

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LOL.. it will not move as long as I dont allow the Basket to show..

I click the  box in front of the Show Signature to disable it..

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I had to delete your signature.

If that happens again, just delete your own signature, and re-create it.

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Thanks Todd.. Sorry for the mess.. It would not let me go in to delete it..

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No problem, it's pretty easy for me to delete a signtaure.  I'm working on improvements to the editor to help prevent bad HTML from getting into signatures like that.

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