lottery cracker and excel question

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is it possible to recreate the full select feature from lottery cracker by using excel? 


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Lottery cracker,hmmmm???

Never heard of it.


Lottery cracker,hmmmm???

Never heard of it.

It's mentioned in the article "Extending Coverage in Wheeling" on the Lotto-Logix web site.


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What Lottery Cracker does for a 6/49 game is use all the numbers, but one excluded at random, in the minimum number of lines (8) with very loose filters to make for smart random, such as odd/even, low/high, sequential numbers, sum, and a few others unique to the U.K. 6/49.  Most filters say no more then half the lines will meet the filter requirement, other wise it might not be possible for all the filters to work together.  The problem comes in when you want to do this for a different size game.  Is is possible to program such a macro for excel? 

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