luckieStarr's avatar - darven

I woke up at 1:38 this morning after my t.v. clicked 138 due out?  In PA?Thud

Amazing Grace's avatar - lion

I hate digital clocks.

angelm's avatar - anne

Isn't it funny when you play lottery you look for a number in everything you do or see?I saw 222 twice this morning but I wouldn't play 2's because for some reason I have never had luck with 2's

luckieStarr's avatar - darven

Actually, I wasn't looking at a clock...I heard the time over the

what you hate today...may be a BIG hit tomorrowROFL

angelm's avatar - anne

Very true-I think you should play your #-Good luck!!

luckieStarr's avatar - darven

thanks...i will play 138....and you should play those 222 and the whole run down or front and backs...I bet a 22 something comes out in your lottery today or tomorrow.

angelm's avatar - anne

Well 226 is due here so I think I will play that(who knows)

luckieStarr's avatar - darven

Good luck...226 is the number for mother.  I need to play that

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