The Texas Corner- March-20-25

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            WELCOME TO

          TEXAS CornerRant


Hi everyone,Thought i would start a new Thread for Texas

Please feel free to post your numbers and ideas about TexasHyper




Due Numbers for MarchGoof




Keypads due{513-459-913-216-817-921Jester Laugh

Alert!Triples Annv{555}others 333-444-999White Bounce

Triple link of the week


Hot play of the week{Mad220Mad}

Series numbers of the week


Since Texas is a missing link State,players go to your Sunday Chart for more information,this is critical to your weekly workouts!Budget players study your information for Texas,Here is 2Charts with the lastest hits for Texas for you to study with your workoutsParty

          Study Chart 1








          Study Chart 2







Other States,If you are a missing link State and you think that Texas is your Mirro State feel free to Study and copy this information!

Okay budget players stay in your State if not sure,This concludes your Texas Corner information,Giving Texas Players and others a Whole Minute!See Ya!

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Hi Delores, wb, we need your help. Ty for starting a new thread.

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Hi cv844,You know i could kick myself for not remembering the 424 on the result chart last night,that is a mate to the 680,i guess Texas will sooner or later pick it up but i have been waiting for the 398,it is still the only number out of that link that has not hit!Please feel free to post your numbers,Thank you for taking the time to view this thread,goodluck tonight!

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Ty Delores and good luck to you too. I like the hot number that u have 220 , it has crossed my mind too , I believe that I will play it for awhile. Again welcome back.

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420 came up in my workout. Good luck everyone.

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Good Choice,this number was with what i call a corner number{511-115-151}Thanks!

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Thanks Delores looked all over this morning for the thread,'s the boxes for eve~

334 321
215 610
109 789 
good luck:-)

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Sun SmileyThanks Zippy,I know the boxes will help all of us,goodluck to you and keep them coming!

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Welcome back Delores, and thanks for this thread!!! These are some great numbers, I must go and do my homework. Thanks

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Thanks Spyc63,goodluck tonight!


A TC MINUTE:RantAll States

Here is some reminders before eve drawing:Coffee

All iformation in this thread is good for the rest of this Month

Remember your results chart for midday is also a lifeline to your workouts for eve,Here are some things you may see tonight:Dance

HOUSE NUMBERsJack-in-the-Box

289{814}kp=713-Triple trigger{000-555}





743-552 repeaters



Mirros to expectWhite Bounce


Strat plays 886-457-913

The above information is for you to copy and keep.This concludes your summary before eve drawings,Budget players stay in your State if not sure,Thank you for taking the time to view and read your Texas Corner information Thread,giving Tx players and Others a Whole MinuteType

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Thanks Delores247,

I like 250.

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You are Welcome Txpolo,goodluck tonight!

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Texas eve{318}

Here is a link to copy and keep



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Well, Well It finally hit , but I missed it. I have been sort of out of it lately, lots going on right now. good luck everybody

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The total sum of 23 hasn't hit in around 130 days on noon draw

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Hi Casper,Thank you for your Excellent feedback,i love it,goodluck to you and Welcome to the Texas Corner feel free to post your numbers here!

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wtg Delores 808 Party


Watch for the clock hit tomorrow mid-day!!!  Still waiting on those trips!!!  Like 2-1-4  and 6-1-0 for tonight!

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689,061,798 look goood for pm.

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Thanks for posting everyone,goodluck Tonight!

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You  too Delores, Thanks for the work-outs they help

me a bunch!!

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156 143
497 892
321 901 
box for eve off of 808 good luck!
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You are Welcome Glenn 123,goodluck!

Thanks Zippy for the Magic Box,goodluck!

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156 143
497 892
321 901 
box for eve off of 808 good luck!

I like the 919 909 917 and 916 off of the boxes 141( GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF US ) 399

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WTG Delores (808).



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Thanks Zippy for the boxes. I am looking for that 321 combination.

Good Luck everyone!!

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Thank you Spyc63,goodluck to you!

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Your Welcome everyone:-)  Enjoy the Boxes, i haven't been playin Texas, But i hope they are working most of the time for you all!

Best of Luck~ Maybe a early 2 digit return tonite? off of the 318 so i like the 321:-) or 891:-) etc..

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Was busy today so I bought a qp 830 , good luck everyone.

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