Will we see the PB 10x Sat the 18th ?


Come on 10x .......we're waiting for you to make an encore appearance. 

Last 2 draws have been kind to DD...

Sat 11th:  $30.00  Thumbs Up

Wed 15th: $75.00  Hurray!

Sat 18th :    ???      Banana ( I hope...)


Anyone else ready for the 10 ?????


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I will say good ole 5x, or 4x. I am not affected either way, I am done with "rip off play."

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I had some decent winnings on 3/8 and 3/11, but not on 3/15.

As far as I am concerned with 10x, I strongly hope it would come again tonight. But, with the chance of just 1 in 16, I think it would be hard to expect actually to see it. I just want to say, "Let's hope that 10x and some match would occur simultaneously!"



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