My Income/Asset Range

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I play primarily for "the 'cause', then to increase my income.  I am definitely not in the already millionaire range, but there are a lot of millionaires who play.  Why?  More millions or __________Star 

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I play because its too cold to go outside and fly. When spring hits, the main topic on LP will be "Where's Snakeyes?"


Yea right, LOL!



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Its a hobby and for fun...

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Play for fun-but always love winning $$$$$$$$$

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It became a hobby of mine to try and figure out what may hit in the pick 3 games after a bad accident at work. Now I still try to figure it out but now I play the game not so much for the money but more to see if I can beat it. BTW before I found Lottery post on the web , I had no clue on how to pick numbers. I learned alot on these pages. Alot of good people on here.

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I play for the challenge to know I can beat this crooked

I've made alot of great friends on this site....Blackie is a great person to work with......Thanks Rob for all your help.

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I played the lottery when I was making a great living and I now play it when I'm broke. I just play more games and buy a few more tickets when my income is higher. Unlike a lot of people I know, I don't wait until a jackpot rolls over, because every draw is an opportunity. I also don't think about what I'm earning in relation to the jackpot and would probably continue to play if I were wealthy, although winning would definitely have a different impact on my life. Of course I'd want to add $100,000 or more a year to my income, but I don't think of it that way.  One time I read a local news release where the winner "only" won about $900,000 and said "My wife & I are debt-free." For me that's the mortgage/rent payment, a new car free & clear, and no credit card debt. Another $50K or $100K a year would be gravy, but I don't mind working for a living. With no bills to pay, my own new home/car and a nice meal on my table every night, I'd be better off than most of the world. Then I could just have fun and do what I want or start my own business and volunteer part-time. It's the daily grind, putting up with difficult bosses and coworkers and "struggling" to have a good life that's a b****.

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Thanks Lee, You and Sandy have taught me a few things too.

Edit: Lee are you the one that checked the 10,000,000 after that big win lately

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well that was

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I'm playing to raise money to start a business and get the banks off my back.  Yes Nod

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The question on the poll wasn't very clear. Is your purpose to find out what the current income of board members is? I would really doubt any poll done over the internet about income. It would be more accurate to ask what income people would like to have than what they already have.

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I like it to play for the challenge..


i play for the challenge and the fun.i also play for the money.....

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I play in hopes of a life transformation, and a chance at peace of mind instilled by having infinite financial freedom, financial security, and overall security in life. Also for fun.

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