Where is the $267m MegaMillion Winner(s)?


Hopefully, the silence speaks to the person(s) getting their financial plan straight, and all other issues straight that go with SUDDEN WEALTH!  Has anyone heard anything?  I hope it is not one of those situations where a "ticket is lost!"

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are you really that concerned about the person who won the jackpot? well if you are get over it, no one cares, do you think the winner cares about you? i don't think so, so why do you care about him/her.  and we know from where it was bought that the winner is old, never plays regularly, and odds are it was a quick pick...


Down (whoever the $%^%% you are)


Keep your stupid ass comments to yourself. 

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Yeah dude.  Seriously, that isn't cool.  Personally I'm wondering who has that ticket too.

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I think it could be a group of family members or a lottery pool.  So they are deciding who gets what.-weshar75


Hey Down.....


Why don't you just sink, along with your negativity. A lot of people are wondering. Go have another drink and slink in your misery that is you, apparently. Sorry for that delS.


I'm wondering too.  I want to congratulate them .  It'll be better if they were long time Lottery players or a elderly person.

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Just like the Inquirer! Inquiring minds want to know! Heck who doesnt like to live vicariously thru the good fortunes of others! I'm often happy when a friend or associate wins, or even an unknown wins! It means the next time is open for a new line to form of winners!

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I'm thinking that it is a family that is on vacation someplace.........and are gonna have a nice surprise waiting for them when they return home.......two weeks is about right for a nice vaction in Mexico right?

who ever they are........we all wish them the best.  and hope to join them someday in Lottery Jackpotland............ahhhhhhhhhh how sweet it will be.

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there is only negativity in the world if it is acknowledged and given value

........kinda like that tree falling in the forest

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Considering that the winning ticket was sold in OHIO, I would imagine that the winner is looking for a lawyer to claim the prize in trust as a way to become anonymous.  Ohio is one of the few states where you can be anonymous (Trust must be formed).  If the winner is smart, that is what he/she will do.

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