Michigan Long Out Hits -Stats-

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Yesterday, I decided to update my Michigan database for the first time since 11-20-05.  A few long out straight combos have hit since then.  This is just a little F.Y.I. for those of you who follow Michigan and/or like to play cold numbers...

012 was drawn Nov-24-05.  It went 5,900 games since it prior draw on Mar-7-97.  It has now been drawn 6 times total.

044 was drawn on Jan-5-06 after being out for 8,166 consecutive games since Dec-27-89. It has been drawn a total of 8 times.

085 was drawn Jan-18-06 breaking its 5,535 game losing streak, which started after the last time it was drawn on Sep-22-97.  It has a total of 5 hits in Michigans 9,958 game history.

516 hit for the 5th time on Dec-16-05 after waiting 6,563 games since its last draw on Dec-31-94.

Currently, the longest out number that still stands in MI is 522, which was drawn for the last time on Mar 13, 1991 - 7,922 games ago.  Thats 15 years ago today!

The second longest out is 886 at 6,019 games.  It was last drawn on Feb 13-97. 


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Wow Thoth I also keep a record of cold numbers that need to appear but I never thought of it as 6,563games. I keep a 2 year history here like 376 never fell in 2004 or 2005 so it will hit that way also lottery officals left behind 637 last year which means 637 could fall as well. 963 never fell last year it hit straight this year. I know alot of numbers never appeared in the pick 3 here in 2 years also I know four digits that never appeared in a few years. so how do I add that up since 376 never fell last year or 2004 I say 376xdays of the yearx2 since we have 2 drawnings?  would that be 730 drawnings?

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Im not really sure if you go by the dates alone, but it would be something like the number of days X 2 if there was two drawings every single day of the year.  Of course, there are probably holidays and possible leap years and the such to account for.  I really dont pay much mind to the dates but I do record them to make sure I have every drawing.  Basically, I just give each drawing a game #, which is an ongoing count of all drawing in order of first to last...oldest to most recent.

If your in Michigan then your number 376 has not hit straight for 3,076 consecutive games (as of last night).  It was last drawn on 11-3-01.

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Thanks Thoth

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Thank you. That's interesting.

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