ky eve 3/12

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tonite i like  120 715 426 006

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Howdy All,

I like these. (you may want to watch them for a few nights)

Doubles look good and all odd too.

Key Number : 9

Best Pair : 97X

Best Bets are : 979,173,991,971,973,911,919,974

Best Of Luck,

Bryan  :)


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oh bryan i went with double 9's last night guess i will go again tonite

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I just played them, I hope they hit for us...Thumbs Up

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600,435,134 until they hit and the 91pr for the rest of week here in ky,  couple others 975,857 good luck

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since you like the 97 pair might want to watch 972 hasnt been out since 7/17/2005

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