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Hello all!

First time user

I have been playing the same set of numbers for like 19 yrs( with quick-picks) or whenever the wisconsin lottery actually began.i play the same numbers for powerball,megabucks,and supercash.Very faithful of playing lottery everyday.

Ither give up on them numbers and pick new ones but cant stop now because dont you think the minute i do they hit!

what do yeah think?

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First, welcome to the group. Although, I am not here that frequently, figure doesn't hurt to at least say hi. Reckon we was all new to here at one time or another.

 Your method is not as uncommon as you may think. I believe I recall a few of the TV shows that interviewed several Lottery winners and it turns out that some of them did actually play the same sets of numbers for years before it became the winning number.

I guess one should consider, depending on the game and/or quantity of numbers, the possible combinations go into the thousands and even millions. Nothing says your combination can not hit or will not hit. One simple truth is, if you don't play, you will not win when they do hit.

Good Luck,

Sir Metro

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Welcome Pacman. I play the same numbers here too even after numbers appear. I know these numbers are computerize. I feel easy picks are not Key Numbers. I feel the numbers that are being played daily like birthday's or whatever the same numbers are being recorded by Lottery Officals. As soon as you stop playing those numbers they come in.  When we get married to numbers that is when we loose money until number comes in. Numbers (and I am speaking of 3 and 4 digits) that have not appeared in your state have a better chance of coming in. I believe you all only have Evening there be happy :-) We have Midday and Evening here 7 days a week hehe. I only play Evening lottery tho. Keeping track of numbers makes you a winner. I can tell you a easy way to win if you tell me your birthday not the year just the day I am speaking of 3 and 4 digits. Keeping track of numbers drawn is important. Numbers that have been drawn once last year will appear first the following year you just have to keep it in.  The 3 digit is easy to win :-) The four digit is harder but you can win at that game too.  Anyway hit me up when you get online.Banana

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that be my birthday

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Hi there Pacman thanks for getting back with me on this. Wow I know you know what day you were born on right? Giggly if not you were born on a Friday :-) that is one of your Lucky Days plus anything that add up to 2 on the calendar is your Lucky Day since you were born on a 11 day plus all double numbers with 11,22,00 should be lucky to you. in Feb 111 fell there on the 7th 2-14-06 001 fell there 2-24-06 221 fell there. in the four-way 2-2-06-->7171 fell there 2-4-06--->0010 fell there 2-11-06--->2927 fell there and 2-13-06--->6611 fell there. March 3-08-06--->6116 fell there. 3-10-06--->2141 fell there. your Key Number is 11. Here is a chart for you below


Lucky Days

so I hope you are getting this. 2+9=11 break that down =2.

Now here are your key numbers

000  110  220

001  111  221

002  112  222

003  113  223

004  114  224

005  115  225

006  116  226

007  117  227

008  118  228

009  119  229

Now there is a four digit spread you can do on your lucky numbers I'll do the 11 day for you

1111  1122  1133  1144  1155  1166  1177  1188  1199

1112  1123  1134  1145  1156  1167  1178  1189  1190

1113  1124  1135  1146  1157  1168  1179  1180 

1114  1125  1136  1147  1158  1169  1170

1115  1126  1137  1148  1159  1160

1116  1127  1138  1149  1150

1117  1128  1139  1140

1118  1129  1130

1119  1120

1110  I hope this helps you. Now what you need to do is track the numbers that need to fall in your state that did not fall last year. and print this out and hilite the ones need to fall :-)  Good Luck!

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