Hot Digits and Pick 3

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I just want some different perspective on "Hot" digits.

For a specific position (position one, position two, etc...) in the Pick 3 or Pick 4 games, how many times must the same digit be drawn in the same position within a span of ten consecutive games before you consider it a "Hot" digit?

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More than once in 10 draws

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I'm checking out a different perspective on hot and cold numbers myself.

I'm taking the last 10 draws - mainly because each digit, 0 - 9 has an equal chance of showing up once per column or draw hopper as the case is.

If you write down the last 10 draws and leave plenty of space around the digits for noting + or - offset digits to them.

For example, if the winning draw is 3 - 5 - 7, then the plus or minus offset digits for the 3 would be 2 and 4.
The offset digits for 5 would be 6 and 4. The offset digits for 7 would be 6 and 8.

If you do that for 10 draws, you can look vertically down the columns and count up the offset frequencies and see what offsets are highest.

Then you can wheel that group of highest offset numbers from all three columns and come up with 10 to 20 plays.

Of course, like anything, backtesting is a must and I have just started tonight to look into this method.

You may want to backtest it yourself and give me a holler.

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I am not sure that I understand what you mean by a combos offset.  Exactly what is the offset in reference to....or in what relation to the combo does the offset exsist?  To all three digits?  What is the offset of the combo 559 or 777 for exampe?

 Are you are trying to track the "space" or difference between the three digits?

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I wish I could get a personal handle on when a digit is hot...usually by the time I do, it no longer is hot !

I note that starting on 3/4/06 in the New Jersey midday game, the digit "8" was drawn seven days in a row. Not all in the same position, but that is still another one of those anomalies......that show up way too often for my taste.

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