I wonder will 100 ever fall in Georgia

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I wonder if 100 will ever come back to Georgia I have been playing it for almost 2 1/2 years everyday. Ihope it comes soon$$$

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I feel the same way about illinois and florida.

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I don't know if it will be GA, but 100 in some fashion is missing 2 weeks now anywhere in the USA. 012 and 011 were both missing about 2 weeks and both have hit in the last 2 days. I missed them both and I knew they were ready. Unhappy 2times

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U see the tri-states.

Somebody put a fork in me. I'm done.

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I wonder if 100 will ever come back to Georgia I have been playing it for almost 2 1/2 years everyday. Ihope it comes soon$$$

why would you want to marry a pick 3 number like 100 which hardly ever hits.

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Hey four for me, we all are taking a chance, it's  not like we know what is gonna hit so u shouldn't ask the question why would we want to marry it!! if we knew what was gonna fall we all would be rich!!

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I agree with you sexythang! I've been playing that # myself for quite a while now .. I hope it comes soon.   Also looking out for that 359 and 369... I've been playing that 359 for about 7 mos now.... I sure hope it pays off really soon..!!!

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well how long do you play a number and it profits you..... if you spent one year playing one dollar twice a day then all the sudden it hits. and you only are playing a dollar straight on it. your 230 dollars in the hole.

365 X 2 = 730  minus 500 = 230

If you double up and it still dosen't hit your deeper in the hole.

i said what i did because it's not a good idea to hang onto a pick 3 digit.

if your going to hang onto a pick 3 number find one that hits a lot.

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Watch for these{trigger} numbers and 100 will surely show it's face


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Thank you four4me... I guess it's just not meant to fall right now. It has been over a year since it fell, and normally when I stop playing a number, IT FALLS! Then I want to kick my own butt. So, lately I started playing $.50 box (mid/eve) instead of the $1 -- maybe $40 and maybe not. So I am now concentrating on another # since reading your response earlier today.   
       Accepted advice with gratitude....

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four 4 me you do have a point but i still feel after you've invested so much into a number and to not catch it when it do falls that really, really hurts,i am sure you have a number you play everyday if you don't then it's good that you're not a gambler, but too bad i can't say the same for me.


anyway i think the night is the night for that 100 Big Smile and if i were you i'll put a minimum of $5.00 on it


Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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oh and by the way where i live we play $1.00 for $900.00  so i think that we would still be ahead.

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I'm not trying to discourage anyone from playing their favorite number. Sure I have a bunch of them but I look at the past results and see if my special numbers are looking good for the next draw. Get your calculator out and figure out what you have to do to profit by playing a special number for instance.

Say you just play an evening draw for a buck and the pay out is 500 most states or the off shore place 900 well when you have played for 250 days and still not hit the number then up it .50 more cents. Or the off shore place 450 days and still not hit. Then up it another .50 cents. The idea is to get ahead playing the lottery not fall behind. Sure it's nice to have a hit and recover your money you spent but if you playing a number your married to and it doesn't hit for 5 years like the #100 you almost have to play 4 dollars a play just to make 125.00 on the number should it come in.  

Don't take what I'm saying out of context I gather that she is trying to win in Georgia. And the last time 100 hit straight there was back 0n 5/17/2000 almost 6 years 2190 days ago. On a one dollar bet 500 - 2190 leaves 1690 loss. there are lots of numbers in many states that just aren't good picks seldom hit rarely hit. Or have never hit yet. When you play numbers it's about timing and looking at history and using data from the last few draws will tell you what digits are hot and which ones are cold.

So when will 100 hit in Georgia again.... if I new that I would drop a bundle on it that day.

And sure I will agree if you stop or forget to play your special number then sure enough it will hit. Me personally I am married to a pick 4 number and it has never hit but when it does I'll be ahead cause I have to put so much on it to recoup my losses. If and when this number hits I will never marry a number again. And i will never play a pick 3 number for more than a week or two every day.

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Ga.Players here is a link for you to copy and keep:











The Best of Luck to all Ga.Players!

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remember i said the winning number can be usually found in the last few draws.

Wed, Mar 8, 20068-1-3 0-8-3-7 
Tue, Mar 7, 20062-6-28-3-88-9-1-10-6-0-8
Mon, Mar 6, 20066-6-77-1-11-2-4-01-5-7-3

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