how much u going to play in the mega mils


hi everyone well i just want to know how much you people going to play for this tuesday mega million drawing last week i play 35 dollars and i did not won . this time i am planning to play just 2-5 dollars because its the true wat people said people u must have god in ur side to win a jackpot like that

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like $20-$25 some of my own picks and QP's


I got my dad $5 worth. But I myself got Pick-6 Lotto instead.


Last draw I played 50 tickets and won $27.  I will be putting $23 with the $27 and play the same 50 tickets.  They are posted on the Prediction Page.


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$15 worth of QP's and $5 worth of my picks on a multi-draw ticket.-weshar75


My draw is $1 not for real, but it's 15-17-43-44-48 MB 29. Otherwise, I don't play MM, but my dad does. My dad plays MM, but about $5 or less.

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