The RNG--nemasis of society

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It started at dawn as far as I see

The Hoosier Lottery started the RNG

My losses are high my wins are small

Please Hoosier Lottery bring back the ball

One off each draw and destined to fail

With odds like this I will end up in H-ll

But the Powerball will give me hope

They will no longer call me losingjeff the dope

With money to burn Ill go on a spree

I will have enough dough to buy the Hoosier Lottery

The winners will be many, the losers will be few

Then all Hoosiers can start anew

We will overcome this burden we share

And I'll finally have piece and can grow some hair

Good Luck all on the Powerball tonight!

P.S> that face to the left will have to change, powerball here I come





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Hey Mike--whats gonna hiy midday today?

quad 5555's? Whats your guess?


If RNG is so bad, why is the California Lotto so popular?  Millions and millions of dollars are spent daily, and I see lots of California winners happy as whipped cream pie eaters.  Whether a ball or computer, I never see a happy loser.  I would think a randum number is a randum number, whether it was a computer number or a ball dropping through a hole.  As long as you don't know what the number is going to be, it is always a ramdum number.  If Fast Freddy knows what it is going to be, why doesn't Fast Freddy mention it to a friend once in a while - or buy the set himself?  How do you keep this so secret, not a single person in the whole world knows the day/number?   How many people, can you name, who have gotten rich by preselecting the numbers, placing them on a slip, and submitting the slip to a randum store?

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Hi Chewie! Well, maybe California has a nice RNG that is random. Have you ever looked at Indiana's daily 3 and 4 payouts on their website? If not, go check it out and compare it to other States. As a matter of fact, compare it to South Carolina, which has 2 million less people than Indiana. See how many winners SC has each day to IN. I think you will agree that there is some big differences. If South Carolina isnt sufficient then compare Indiana against another State. Please, at least go check this morning and you will see what we have been saying all along. I appreciate your comments, but please go check these websites.


Hi Guy, you can't judge the world based on the tenpercent rule.  I have seem your posts, and those of others - you have my sympathy.  You are aware of the tenpercent rule right?  Ten percent will ot do what the other 90% do.  10% crooks, or 10% honest. Same rule.  Hell, NJ is full of every crook you can imagine.  They have set a record for politicians in jail and under arrest.  You've have to be part of the 10% to believe it hasn't filtered into their lottery organization.  It was there before and is probably still there.  Crooks appointed by crooks, who hire crooks.  That is how NJ functions.  Near bankruptcy as a state, but politicians keep getting prime lifetime jobs at great salaries, and the idiot voter keeps showing up at the ballot box, going baah, baah, baah!  As long as they say they hate guns, the liberals keep voting them in!

My comment addressed RNG, not specific crooks.  I still think RNG is malaligned.  That is saying that Todds RNG pages is corrupt and its only purpose is to soak the lottery members.  Makes no sense!  You either pick a winner, or you pick a winner.  If I find out that sticking my hand on the burner hurts when the heat is on, but I keep doing it, I take responsibility for what I did.  I don't blame the burner.  Now if the burner still burns me when it is truned off, I either fix the burner or throw out the stove.  It is how life works.

I spent 18 hour days, seven days a week, for two years to get concealed carry in the state I was living in,  I had to fight the doo-gooders and the holy roller Babtist every step of the way.  They were convinced there would be gun fights on the steps of every church.  They were so obsessed, they wouldn't look at the other states that proved they were total wrong.  I worked with people and groups I couldn't stand, but where necessary to reach my goal.  I drove hundreds of miles every day, to the capital and back, and visited every state Senator and Congress person, atleast once a week.  I would sit out side their office until they let me in.  Next week I would be back again.  I visited churches and talked to the leaders, I brought powerful people who believed as I did.  People just couldn't admit that good people carrying guns don't shoot people, bad people, who ignore rules, shoot people.  I believed the good people should have the right to protect themselves from the bad people; without dialling 911 and praying some one shows up in the next half-hour.  I was finally able to see concealed carry a reality.  I received a plague from the Govenor for my effort.  The point is, if you want to change something, change it.  I wasn't the only one, but I was one who tried!  Go door to door, go to the capital.  Invest blood and time.  Martin Luther King, Jr., didn't help the freedom movement  without shedding blood.  I was willing to shed mine, and got what I wanted.  I may have been lucky, but it happened.

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I commend you for those efforts chewie. We are struggling too.  We will never give in.

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