powerball and mega millions poll


how much do you play per draw on powerball or mega millions?


i think i'll play now that the jackpot is over 300 million.i'll get one quick pick and one ticket with my own numbers......

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I play 6 lines of my numbers and 4 lines of QP's with powerplay for $20.

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When I think there will be a winner, I spend 10-20.  This time I spent  $24!  Way too much.  After all, only one panel will win!

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i play around $10.00 i pick 5 sets of numbers that i think have the greatest chance of coming up then i get 5 qiuckpicks, i think thats the best way because one guy on here said that if you get a quickpick it selects some of the numbers you pick and/or close to them, and its the best of bolth worlds and i kinda like quickpicks better

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