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Hi Everyone,

I played PICK3 for 1 month and stopped playing the game.after that month . whenever I had time,I used to think about numbers and used to spend most of my time here on LP.

I am a person interested to know how many persons here on LP spend how many hours eachday thinking about numbers and how does that make difference to your life.

Here there r many experts ,how many hours of your work made you expert in this field.

I read somewhere.....In Stocks 93% of people lose money....and In OUR FAVOURITE LOTTERIES 97% of people lose money....

so It requires more knowledge as well as workout's to win in Lotteries with a bit of Luck.



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You never quit learning Hobby for me but spend average 4 hours per day studying numbers.

Is it paying off yes Starting to. Time will tell i have been able to predict the number within a couple of days 5 times last month mostly on paper total won $320.00 You have to let the numbers come to you and they do.

You need to use what ever systems available to help predict. Many good ones out there.

I predicted 443 in January in 2 days it hit,

its a time investment to start .

There are a lot of smart players here.

I knew nothing about this game 3 months ago besides it existed.

I have learned
Root sums
Trigger Doubles
working on LDRs now
the list goes on

when you have so many indicators pointing in that direction you increase your odds ten fold.

The people on here share thier info,

The history you can dig up is excellent.

If you dont invest your time and learn then you will always be a luck player.

After the initial investment of time it takes no time at all. To pick at a top level.

Money monagement is a big thing. You dont have to play daily. Play when the numbers come to you.


Thanks AG,

Your thoughts R very encouraging and positive.

Thankyou very much.


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