Lottosync V1.7 - is it fixed?

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just went to the lottosync website and they are selling V1.7 - Marco does this mean its fixed ????


he's always been selling 1.7 since he released it

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I wonder if anyone has purchased it recently and can enlighten us????


i got 1.7 as a free upgrade from 1.6, you must have also Paul or are you thinking that his 1.7 on his sell page is a different build version of 1.7 ????? Either way Marco should really step in here and respond unless of course he's with his girlfriend )

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No , im thinking its a new fixed V1.7 or probably the V1.8 we were supposed to get and he's left the original buyers high and dry.


i don't think he could be that cruel and not inform us LOL

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Neither Marco nor anybody else can be forced to do anything that he or they don't want to do.

Leave Marco alone. He can't be forced to give any new versions, not even to fix any old-ones.

If he does, then he will in his own time.


forcing? who said anything about forcing, communicating would be nice though.


I think Marco knows in his heart of hearts that this is not the way to treat

your customers who have bought your software.


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Lantern - are you reading the right topic ???? nobody said anything about forcing anyone to do anything!!!!

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Vick and Paul

I might be wrong, but it seems to me that the more that we ask Marco to come out here and or give us an update, the farther away that he goes and the longer that he stays away.

Maybe he wants to be left alone.


If he want's to left be alone then why did the last time he spoke here he said he was working on the new version and he continues to sell 1.7 on site? But hey all the power to him if he can sell more and also develop it even further.

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Here's my opinion,  I think by still selling V1.7 that we know and he knows doesnt work, just proves that it is/was all a big con, I just kick myself for not realising it sooner.

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no software developer has ever sold a winning lottery system ever in the history of lottery software... ever

why should guru/marco be held to a higher standard? deep down y'all knew it wasn't going to work... you could have version 9.5 and it still won't work with any regularity... it's the nature of the beast.

If you spent money, you should ask (nicely) that if he is no longer developing that maybe he can give you the source code so you can fix it yourself.

I too am involved in the search for the elusive bit of software or programming to help give the edge... but I would never buy a program to do it because they have a 100% failure rate when it comes to repeatability... even an excel RNG generator will pick a few good numbers eventually, but NOT regularly.


Good argument Hyer. So, all he needs to do to make it all go away is post here saying that he

cannot make it work to the reliabilty he stated and he has no more time to work on it any more.

End of story - no need to check for it on the forums.

And, if ver 7 is flawed (by his own admission) , he shouldn't be selling it.

It would be nice if he did allow one to get the source code but I don't think this is going to happen. Very few developers have ever done this. 


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