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has any member used stan rose video before if you have did you any success with it

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I have Stan's VHS video. I bought it many many years ago so I don't know how it compares to the one he sells now. Basically from what I remember, he went over his "Tree" system (permutations) which is based on the wheeling theory. I don't remember if he covered any other topics like number selection. If I can find it, I will watch it to refresh my memory.

I may have gotten a few hits every now and then, but a wheeling system is only as good as the numbers selected. I wasn't as savvy about selecting numbers back then as I am now... Hindsight is 20/20.


i when i used to play the daily numbers, i have to honestly say that the tree systems have done well for me and i wouldn't play any other way. one year i hit at least 23 exact order hits in the lottery. problem is the daily's were every day, while you could have a great year like that, the next year dosen't guarantee that you would do as well. So playing every day can get costly. But the great thing is if you can bet straight hits for a quarter and win 125 dollars, its worth using his systems.

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