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Has anyone bought these books that are advertised on amazon??...and would they recommend them?


If you go to her website, you can examine each book's table of contents.  I personally believe her Lottery Master Guide is just about essential reading for any serious student of the Pick 5/6, Powerball, Megamillions, and Keno lottery games.  It helps you understand what trends and patterns are and how to identify them, among other things.  Although the book is fine on its own, it perhaps work ideally best when used in conjunction with her software but you do not have to purchase her software to utilize the strategies described in the book. (She does not address the Pick 3/4 games).

As I have said here before, a wheel is only as good as the numbers selected for the wheel.  How do you select those numbers?  By being able to identify and then apprehend patterns.  Of course, there is no guarantee that the pattern will "happen" the way you anticipate it, but a wheel becomes less of a crapshoot when you include in it numbers that just might be part of a pattern.  Good luck to you.

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thanks greg i'll check it out! sounds good

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