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ok 2 times in the last 3 months I have had dreams about winning the missouri lotto, first dream I was being contacted by a news reporter from st. louis about how it feels to win lotto. second time I dreamed the actual amount I won it was 2.5 million cash value....both of these dreams were very vivid and I haven't dreamed or recalled any since.....any idea what meaning this has?

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Well I hope you are buying some tickets!  It could mean several things. First it could be pure wish fulfillment. Second it could mean you are going to win!  Third, it could mean that you could win if you put your mind to it!

I had a dream once that I was walking down the street and someone came out of a pawn shop and bumped into me. Then I had this big diamond ring!  That morning I was telling the dream to my friend when the phone rang.  It was a man from a jewelry store saying I had won the drawing for the diamond ring.  I said what drawing.  He said it was before Christmas and they were just now getting around to picking the winner.  Then I vaguely remembered entering the drawing. It was a nice diamond ring I won like the dream!

May your dream come true and happy new year to you!


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