"searching for something"

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I pretty much love everything that you do here,Todd. 

And I am sure that you worked really hard on the new search feature; but I must admit that the "new" & improved search feature is less than user friendly (unless I am not doing the search right).

Are there any suggestions that you might have as to how to make this feature "USER friendly" because right now it's not so nice to me.  Big Grin

I am trying to find a post that I did subject header "903 followers" or some form of 903's combination, (039 or something).

I typed this in a got almost every thread with the word follower in it & no subject thread of my intended search request. I did quations marks, no quations marks, etc.

Whenever you get a free moment (if ever)--try it & see how nice your creation is to you.

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SmileyIs this the one Lottaloot?

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NOpe.  It is specifically titled "903 followers" 

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Thanks a million.  That's the one. 

Tips:  What did you have to do in order to find it? 

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Hurray!322 hit from it tonight.

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I deleted my last posts concerning Searching for something. I went back to experiment.

This is what I had to do to find lottaloot's post.

Click on username, look to the right & use Date Range, then click on forum to narrow down the search, then put in lottaloot's name in the box.

Try it, you will find the post titled 903 followers.


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