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My wife dreamed a squirrel took her diamond earrings out of her ears and ran off with them. She chased the squirrel and got them back. Any help for this?


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squirrel  230  102  208  529


            not from my best book - a squirrel stole my best book    lol

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A Squirrel refers to the act of hoarding. It could either mean that she need to reserve something or it could indicate that she is retaining too much and need to learn to let go. To see diamonds in a dream signifies the wholeness of the Self and can also point to a persons unchanging or unyielding nature. She may be distancing yourself from others as well and the squirrel may have taken something such as he diamond earrings from her because they are something she holds dear to her which can translate into her needing to Let Something Go in  life that is holding her back!


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Thanks emily and Clairvoyance.

That's interesting what you said Clairvoyance. She is having a hard time with our youngest son moving on campus for college. Our house will be empty other than us then. I guess it was easy to let our other kids go.

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Thanks megagrl

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