Is this my week to shine....

I do believe so...

Good luck!

Dont miss it!


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Thank you UNVMe

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Thanks U.N.V.ME


You are welcome Jorli an lucky,it;s my pleasure... Wink

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im hoping the 574 hits ga......ive been chasin it for a long time........along with my 359 and my b-day...724


All three numbers will drop this month... 472-593-574* dont stop playin them,add 934* an 944*

good luck!Smile

U.N.V.Me you had on the lotterypost prediction for South Carolina 803 u gok girl and keep up the good work.  If you have anymore suggestins for tonight SC please let me know.  looking for 383 tonight.  Thanks a million and God Bless!

Thank you very much! Watch out for *428* and *194* Good luck!


Lou.... 574 str8

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Thanks U.N.V.ME  **745** Louisiana 1/5

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1/9 MI Midday 547


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1/9 NJ Midday 754

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