000 will fall soon!!

powerplayer's avatar - Lottery-022.jpg

I believe 000 are due to fall tonight or tommorrow day or night

Good Luck!!


amilby30's avatar - nw logo.jpg

Any particular state - Hope its GA

gacash3's avatar - side smile_b.jpg

im hoping in ga as well..................but our 5s keep talking to me for ga.........and i keep saying..359....359....359....will come in time.

amilby30's avatar - nw logo.jpg

I saw 359 on my list - also 214, MONY predicted that for last night but I think it will come this week.


fido's avatar - animal doggy2.jpg

Fido here,,,, AND Ima the one that goez round here BARKIN from time 2 time,,,

Ima BARKIN for 343 757 390 667 933,,, and gotta love dem tripz too,,, Haven't had a trip in the GA eve since April LASt year,,,  999, 111, 222, 555, 666 are my flavorite,, but gonna play dem all to cover dem,,,,,, RUFF RUFF RUFFFFFFF

Clairvoyance's avatar - eye storm.jpg

I believe 000 are due to fall tonight or tommorrow day or night

Good Luck!!



Konformthismfs's avatar - lisasham

Calif is ready for a Trip!

GeorgiaPlayer's avatar - disney21

The 555's are due here in Georgia the last time they paid Georgia a visit was 8/16/2001 midday. it's time for them !!! $$$$ Iam loaded and ready

powerplayer's avatar - Lottery-022.jpg

I still think the 000 are going to fall. I think there going to fall Mid-Day but, you never know with those Triples!!

Best states to play for Triple 000 is:


Those states like 000 and they not only like it but, they seem to like the 000 to come back to them.

There has been very few states with 000 that fell in the last couple of months and the states that did hit it repeated either a month or 2 months later.

555 look good also but, I think the 888 with come back before the 15th

Good Luck to all...


fudgeTex's avatar - scene sunoverlake.jpg

I saw your posting this time and I am on it. Thanks pp

Shawnintennesse's avatar - British Pint_414_.jpg

To tell the truth Tennesse has been out to do a New YOrk.

Mark my words, When Wv shows the Fruit so will Tennessee a second Evening.

A Midday soon to blossom.


0 digit has been out in Virginia since December 23, 2005 Midday.

srpny's avatar - Lottery-043.jpg

New York had a triple this week already 444 Monday eve. Do you really think a triple will come out again on Friday??????

delores247's avatar - Lottery-048.jpg

LurkingHey,Powerplayer you are good! The players and viewers better listen to you because i just prove your theory about the 000-any time a number is fliped up in the tricky State of Tx then it will hit in somebody's State,Look out folks Powerplayer got the POWER!Goodluck everybodyParty

powerplayer's avatar - Lottery-022.jpg

I believe 000 are due to fall tonight or tommorrow day or night

Good Luck!!


Thank you Delores for those kind words...everyone is great here on LP...the sharing of the power is making me more powerfull I guess.

Thanks to all that share!!

 Well no trips so far...but I still think it's coming....

I got 111,333,444,000 to fall soon.


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