Happy New Year To All At Lottery Post

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Happy New Year to you and yours, to all Lottery Post members and most of all to the Cheif Bottle Washer who makes this site possible, Todd!!  Hope winning numbers roll in to each and every one of you!!    Party

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Happy New Year!!!!!cute picture truecritic!!!



A Safe, Happy and Prosperous New Year to All!





Back at cha Truecritic.

I just thank GOD, and Todd for this site's existence. I've learned a great deal from the friends here at the LP. Want to end this year with a blast. Bought 50 QP's for Fantasy Five today.

A great night for everyone here at the LP, and Good Fortune. Not only for material things, but for spiritual reflection of the man or woman in the mirror. Ask yourself If you like what you see. If you say yes......then never mind....if no?.........try wiping the fog on the mirror. You might actually see the real self.



Remember Reality Shifter??????

Manipulate your surroundings with thought. So simple even a God can do it.......

You can do magic......

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Happy new year to all of you!!!

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let's win tons of




in 2006 !!!!!!!!!!!

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I will add a special Happy New Year to Todd!

Originally I was going to include Todd in the title but I had some problems posting the first time and somehow left it out the second time.

Todd, hope you prosper in the New Year!

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Happy New Year !!



I wish everyone a new year that's filled with special memories...and that those memories will last a lifetime!

        HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Viva La 2006! Yeah! Cheers


Happy double ought six to all you LP members and to Todd.  TruCritic, make 'em count big time this next circuit.

Best to all of you, even the ones I don't read.


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                      "Happy New Year"

                              To All...!

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Happy New Year to all!  And many thanks for the personal wishes, I do really appreciate it!


Yeah, what he said !!!



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