WTG SandyK!!

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Girl, you blew that number up today in KY.  Hope you got a piece of it!!


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nope...been playing it all month .....ran out of well, just glad it hit.....took it's old sweet time.

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I knew I should have bookmarked your P4 have always been awesome at that..!!! 

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WTG Sandy....!          Congrats.

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wtg sandy

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lol LOL, if you look at my posts in the P4 from the 3rd of the month on every month......I have one number I key in on until it hits straight...........well, this month, it took forever....that is why I ran out of money.

Thanks everyone for the replies.

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Nice job Sandy....if you really played those numbers you listed you could of won almost $50,000 for playing them 2-way.  That will pull up the wins on the prediction board for today.  Nice job!!!!


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wtg Sandy

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